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Product Team As A Service

Where do you stand in your new product development journey?

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Why Product Team as a Service

It helps you in!

Long-term collaboration and large projects

The assumption for the outcome is a bit blurry, and you are uncertain how to form the exact list of requirements. P-TaaS will give you room for potential changes along the way and adjusting the ongoing project to your business needs.

On-demand tech-team

A dedicated P-TaaS team may act as your tech-team outside the company. You won’t need to engage in a recruitment process that always takes a lot of time and effort to wrap up the details with new employees.

Quickly expanding the in-house team

If a project requires certain skills in pre-defined project areas that your specialists can’t cover, or you need more hands on deck immediately, P-TaaS will be the best option, as it is usually a well-matched group of specialists you’re lacking.

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Product Team As A Service (P-TaaS)

Outsource your product development

Product teams are small, collaborative, cross-functional teams that work to achieve the common outcome of creating an exceptional digital product.

Our product Team as a Service (P-TaaS) or a dedicated product developement team, as one of the variables, gains popularity, mostly because this model provides a lot of flexibility in product development and allows our clients to obtain a team that precisely rises to their expectations in terms of knowledge, resources, and performance. This, on the other hand, ensures a high level of understanding of clients’ business and expected outcomes, which results in tailor-made solutions. P-TaaS can cover various responsibilities like business process analysis, user experience design, custom machine learning based system developement, custom hardware systems, application development, support, management, web development, data administration, technical support, and more.

Product Management

Our product management team takes the responsibility of product planning, development and marketing.

This includes managing the product throughout the Product Lifecycle, gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, defining the product vision, and working closely with engineering, to deliver winning products

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