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Propelling a 20 year old EMR business to stay relevant for 2020 and beyond.

Propelling a 20 year old EMR business to stay relevant for 2020 and beyond.

Lightwave emr system has been a pioneer in electronic medical records. It was one of the first end to end emr in the region. In its current avatar, the emr software is under usage at more than 100 hospitals of various sizes.

Project Intention 

Lightwave approached Palpx as an ai partner to help them make sense of two decades of data and turn it into actionable insights which not only enhances the product but helps them stand out in the crowded her/emr market.  



With the new addition, the product will be rolled out as a premium version with more profitable subscription rates and target wider customers. A lot of business potential created already with prebookings on the new product. 

Challenges we solved 

    1. Helped light wave to make their data 10x more valuable. 

Most of the her/emr solutions store data in a format which is very difficult to be of any significant use. With more than a million entries spanning 20 years, it was almost impossible to do make sense of it within a practical time period. 

Palpx team did an extensive data study of the emr system and started formulating a machine learning algorithm which automated the process of structuring the data. What would have taken a team of 50 people a period of 2 years was achieved within 4-5 months with just 2 people and 2 ai capable machines. 


  1. Advanced Disease & Diagnosis Prediction

Once the data was ready in a format, palpx began the process of feeding it to machine learning  algorithms. We focused on finding  To detect diseases based on symptoms filed in the initial stages of  In the initial stages itself, the algorithms started predicting diagnosis with 48% accuracy. As the data was further analyzed and algorithms fine tuned, the accuracy levels are touching 80-82% at the time of writing the case study. 

Solutions & Technologies Involved 

User Experience, Research, Natural Language Processing, Predictive modelling 

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