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About Palpx AI

Empowering you to do exponential business by Artificial Intelligence

At Palpx.ai we discover potential data in your business process, we inform you how much its potentially worth. We extract, refine and make it valuable to propel your business applications for explosive growth.


About Palpx AI

Our vision is to bring the power of AI to every business

Businesses today are sitting on troves of data, lacking the foundational practices to generate business value from AI and don't know where to start. Our mission is to empower such businesses and enterprises to accelerate their growth by Artificial Intelligence.


  • Mission

  • Vision

Our Solutions

AI solutions & services for startups
and enterprises

AI Oppurtunity Mapping

Your business is producing data. How much its worth? Is your business ready to be revolutionised by AI?

Data Refinement

We extract, refine and make the data to be of actual practical use by AI algorithms.

Custom AI Solutions

Business process automation using custom developed AI algorithms with real world validation and optimisation.

Technologies & Capabilities

We work with multiple technolgies to enable cutting-edge AI solutions for various industries.


Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing

Recommendation Systems

Voice Assistants


Computer Vision

Predictive Analysis


Virtual Assistants

Deep Learning

Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)



Industries we are transforming with our awesome AI solutions









Case Studies


Lightwave emr system has been a pioneer in electronic medical records. It was one of the first end to end emr in the region. In its current avatar, the emr software is under usage at more than 100 hospitals of various sizes. Project Intention  Lightwave approached Palpx as an ai partner to help them make sense of two decades of data and turn […]


SC publications has been a pioneer in education publication since half a century in India. With more than XYZ published books that cater to the whole range of K-12 education system in India, the publication house has been critical in student’s life across the nation. They have ventured into digital transformation of the content for […]


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